Steiner  Woodruffe (Born February 23, 1981) Founder, President and CEO of LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE, Inc. was born in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, where he spent the early part of his childhood. His family migrated to the United States of America in search of a better life. Once in America he settled with his mother in the heart of Brooklyn, New York also known as Flatbush (an area heavily populated by a diverse Caribbean community).  He attended Sheepshead Bay High School, where he participated in various programs to further explore his interest in business, marketing and fashion.  After high school, Steiner matriculated at The State University of New York at Buffalo, where he majored in Legal Studies in preparation for a career in Law.  However, after graduation he realized his passion was truly in the world of business and fashion.  He could not deny this burning desire and relinquished any further thoughts about Law, moving forward in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dreams.

The concept of LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE, Inc. emerged in 2009 when the economy was at its worst.  The job and housing market continued to decline, subsequently leading to massive layoffs and  foreclosures, respectively.  Steiner was a casualty of this era.  Unfortunately, he found himself jobless, lonely, depressed and eventually homeless. His yearning for success transformed into a mode of survival, a state of mind in which many Americans found themselves at that time.  Steiner sought advice from the only person who serves as his true source of determination, his mother.  She told him that prayer and reading the Bible will give him not only a sense of direction but also a sense of guidance.  She also shared with him that he should love life and start to live it to the fullest despite the odds appearing against him.

As a single parent who never gave up, she reminded him of all of the sacrifices she had to make and  all of the obstacles she overcame.  One day while watching television, Steiner heard a life-impacting question” Are you living or are you existing?” After much thought, he in turn asked his mother the same question.  To his dismay, her long period of silence was followed by a very exhausting sigh and she replied,” Son, I am existing only to pay bills.”  Heartbroken by his mother’s response LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE, Inc. was born along with it’s slogan “It`s not a lifestyle, It`s a way of living.”  Thus, the mission of LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE, Inc. serves to “Inspire the uninspired” in the form of fashion as well as to spread a message of hope to others.

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